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Home Video Surveillance: An Integrated Part of the Smart Home

Enterprise Technology Review | Tuesday, January 14, 2020

A home video surveillance system offers modern and well-updated home security systems, which have now become an integrated part of the smart home.

FREMONT, CA: There is an increasing demand for setting up detectors, cameras, and sometimes a control panel as well, which works as smart home devices and can be managed and controlled from a smartphone or other mobile devices via an app, or from a cloud service login from a computer. This enables the user to get a notification on the go, tap into live-stream recordings, and also arm or disarm the system according to the requirement of the user. They are generally available as multi-piece kits, which are ready to use. Some have a central security control panel, which gives a single place for every operation. Most of them come with sensors for doors and windows, as well as the ubiquitous security cameras.

Best Home Surveillance:

• Nest- It provides a wireless home video surveillance system that can be linked with Google Home Hub to offer a smart solution for more than mere security.

• Ring- A wireless home surveillance option, which enables users to control and monitor everything over Wi-Fi from a mobile device or a desktop.

• SimpliSafe- This offers an easy set-up home video surveillance system, which is centered on the central base station. It can be connected using Wi-Fi or cellular networks, which points out that even if the internet goes down, the users’ home security will be functioning.

• Resideo Security- This is a rebranded name of the Honeywell Smart Home Security system. It is one of the simplest home video surveillance systems available in the market. Furthermore, it also works with Alexa voice commands to offer a lot of possibilities.

• Vivint Smart Home- It is a comprehensive home surveillance system equipped with an in-built video recording, and also has smart home features available as required.

Some of the home video surveillance systems enable users to get custom installations, and others require professional installations. Despite that, home surveillance is blooming to becoming easier to use and manage, with less fuss and easy installations. Hence technology is making home protection easier and more accessible than ever before, particularly by combining mobile apps and voice commands to manage and control them.