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How Advanced Speech Translator Connects Individuals

By Enterprise Technology Review | Monday, December 16, 2019

A multilingual voice/ speech translator proves to address communication challenges across the globe with its high accuracy and instant translation features.

FREMONT, CA:  4G/Wi-Fi AI Translator, Wooask W06 is provided by a leading AI Voice/Speech Translation Solutions Provider & Artificial intelligence(AI) Translator hardware manufacturer, Wooask Tech. Co. Ltd. Wooask W06 Translator offers numerous features, such as 126 languages voice-to-voice translation, 3.1-inch retina touch screen, 24 languages photo translation, multi-connection: 4G SIM /Wi-Fi/hotspot, palm-size for convenience, A/B key simple use, 8.0M pixels lens designed for photo translation especially, and instant response translation within seconds.

4G/Wi-Fi AI Translator provides advanced services such as two-way multilingual, offline, and highly accurate translation. The bidirectional multilingual translation offers 153 voice translation and OCR image translation services. Users use Wooask's software to modify their Android platform hardware solutions and develop translations and products. The users can open their own models by using the traders' technology model. The offline translation feature is provided in 4 languages. The solution can adapt to multiple voice offline translation functions according to the available hardware configuration and deliver both online and offline services. The high accuracy in the translation provides second-speed response translation and efficiency rates up to 97%.

Wooask W06 Translator provides REST APIs and SDKs to support a variety of device terminals such as smart hardware, mobile applications, websites, and desktop clients while being super easy to use. Wooask W06 Translator collects hundreds of thousands of hours of voice data at a high recognition rate based on the social data platform. Users need to hold A/B key to speak, which can then be translated then and there immediately after connecting to a network. Wooask W06 can support 126 languages' (53 languages and 73 accents) speech translation and 24 languages photo translation effectively.

Wooask, a cross-language social network service platform, resolves the language and communication limitations of its clients. Wooask's mobile application allows individuals to talk and communicate in different languages. This advanced application auto-translate every bit of user data to different languages for others to read and understand easily. The Wooask mobile application helps everyone to be socially active. The company-developed solutions specialize in hardware solutions, cloud services, software developments, technical integration, and other speech translations related to the business core.

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