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How AI Improves Management and Security in Data Centers

Enterprise Technology Review | Thursday, October 31, 2019

AI is a versatile technology that will make the present and future data centers competitive and feasible. Most businesses integrate AI to enhance the development of data centers.

FERMONT, CA: The fourth industrial revolution is creating a data culture that accelerates digital transformation. Organizations are creating data-driven business models to optimize the use of data. As a result, data has become an asset and an important part of nearly everything in business. Of various applications, almost every enterprise has started to implement aggressive data collection and analysis. Organizations are developing large data centers to store and process data for this purpose. Organizations implement AI in the data center to perform different tasks autonomously, such as database management and control of equipment. Here are a few ways AI has influenced data center.                 

Optimizing Server Performance

Every data center is composed of multiple physical servers and data processing and storage facilities. To handle large volumes of data, data center engineers need to design algorithms to balance the workload of the server. Due to the increasing rate of data generation and collection, this approach proves inefficient to optimize server performance. Using predictive analytics, applying AI in the data center will help distribute the workload across different servers. Artificial Intelligence powered algorithms for load balancing can learn from past data to effectively spread the workload. AI-based server efficiency can help identify potential data center flaws, reduce processing times, and resolve risk factors faster than conventional approaches. Organizations can maximize database optimization and performance with this approach.

Active Equipment Monitoring

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Datacenter engineers need to periodically track the fault detection equipment and the need for repairs. There is always a risk that data center engineers may overlook certain system vulnerabilities, leading to equipment failures. Organizations can use AI for active equipment monitoring tasks in the data center. AI can use pattern-based learning to identify defects in data center equipment. AI can use smart sensors mounted in the system for this reason.

Reducing Downtime 

Data outages may lead to significant downtime in data centers. Organizations also employ qualified professionals to track and foresee software breakdowns. However, it can be a complicated task to predict data outages manually. Datacenter staff needs to decode and analyze multiple issues to identify the root cause of the various problems. Indeed, a feasible solution to this crisis can be the implementation of AI in the data center. To detect and anticipate data outages, AI can track network congestion and disk use. Organizations can use AI to leverage advanced predictive analytics to track power levels and identify the potential defective systems.

Enhanced Security

Data centers are vulnerable to cyber threats of various kinds. Cybercriminals are always looking for new ways to get information from data centers. Hackers create more sophisticated malware strains regularly for this reason and prepare cyber attacks that may stealthily infiltrate networks of organizations. Organizations can deploy AI for data security in the data center. AI will learn ordinary network behavior for this reason and identify cyber threats based on deviation from this activity. In addition, the data center's use of AI can detect malware and identify security flaws in data center systems. Cybersecurity based on AI will thoroughly track and analyze incoming and outgoing information for security threats.

AI's arrival at the data center reveals exciting opportunities in different sectors of the industry. Soon, through proactive assistance in disaster recovery and regulatory compliance, AI will dominate the world of data centers and colocation service providers. Therefore, service providers of data centers need to use AI to keep up with emerging technology trends and gain a competitive edge.

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