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How are Various Industries Using Live Streaming?

By Enterprise Technology Review | Monday, October 28, 2019

Live video streaming—a powerful way to reach and interact with the audience—is providing many opportunities for firms to present their products and services to customers in real-time.

FREMONT, CA: Live streaming technology is under constant evolution. Reports say that the use of live streaming for branding has significantly increased in the last few years. The bandwagon has already been joined by leaders like Snapchat, Vimeo, Youtube, and more, making the fact clear that live video streaming is a big thing. In a world where technology is continuously evolving, several media and entertainment companies are now developing their own application for live video streaming. The development of live video streaming apps is an excellent way to push firms to new heights. Today, live streaming has emerged as the mainstay in numerous enterprise verticals, fostering unparalleled advantages. Here is more about it.

• Real Estate

The real estate industry can make the most out of streaming live content. Live auction streaming can do wonders in real estate processes, and users can get their property insurance, place of residence, tax payments, and more at the comfort of their homes. Marketing is mainly dependent on the visual aspect of the real estate landscape, so the use of live streaming with all the visible details offered in real-time is beneficial. Moreover, this solution's low costing and ease of use make it very efficient, and it also helps to reduce the marketing costs associated with the right approach.

• Logistics

Live streaming is beneficial in managing logistics as the webcam can be fit into the truck's luggage space to stream video about the parcel delivery on the user's smart device. Moreover, with live streaming, users can monitor their cargo position to see if everything is going well. Live streaming, however, can also be helpful to drivers as they can use the device to notify the dispatcher or laboratory if breakage or accidents occur. Here, the driver will be able to stream specific part of the track where the rupture is located, and the expert, on the other hand, can advise the driver on how to repair the damage in real-time.

• Retail

Retailers are consistently searching for new methods and ways to drive customer attention that caters to them to stay competitive in the evolving market. Knowing how famous live streaming has become in commercial enterprise, it can be used by retailers for advertising and boosting sales, permitting the customers to make purchases even while streaming.

The number of companies using live streaming today shows no sign of going down. Given that this trend is here to stay, businesses that invest adequately in live streaming will only bring good to the company. What is needed is the right approach to design a clear live streaming strategy that can turn the concept into reality.

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