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How Automatic Fire Depression and Suppression Technology Helps in Fire Control

By Enterprise Technology Review | Wednesday, July 29, 2020

Fire protection is made simple and easy with military technology.

FREMONT, CA: Fire is a common yet adverse calamity. Every industry today is facing a challenging situation in encountering fire and is dangerous complications and consequences. In this context, the world is looking for proactive ways offered by technology to combat the fire. Recently, engineers have come up with highly effective, fast, and effective means of handling the after-effects of a fire calamity. In addition to this, technologists are tapping into the potential of predictive analytics to help the businesses and organizations to anticipate and stay informed about future fuel explosions and fires.

: Top 10 Fire Protection Solution Companies - 2019Data analytics has progressed to a vast extent, and the value that predictive analytical solutions add is immense as most of the time, the predictions are true. With the consideration of the analysis reported by this technology, enterprises can essentially take preventative measures against fire and thereby prevent the loss that follows the calamity as well. Technology offers a number of ways for workplaces to minimize the hazards posed by the fire. By using high tech aid, companies can also ensure the health of the assets and employees, along with that of operations and infrastructure.

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Combating against fire with the help of technology introduces to the floor of enterprises automatic fire detection and suppression (AFES) systems. Automation is not exempted from fire management applications, either. Smart fire extinguishers that are integrated with the internet of things and artificial intelligence have also taken the stage. AFES system addresses the needs to protect the enterprise and mitigate the adversities of the explosion at ultra-fast speeds.  

AFES system features options to fuel manage severe fuel explosions. This technology has the capability of detecting penetration and initiation at competitive speeds. The AFES system also classifies slow growth fires that spread in 200 milliseconds and tries to extinguish them in about 3 seconds. Fire suppression devices are highly customized and are designed tested and configured according to the specific needs of the enterprise.

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