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How can a Sensor Prevent Water Leakage?

Enterprise Technology Review | Thursday, October 31, 2019

With the increasing global demand for water, it is every water suppliers' interest to implement sensor tech to detect water leakages. 

FREMONT, CA: Leakage of water from distribution networks is a significant problem water utility phase. Aging assets, severe weather conditions, and water hammers are resulting in a constant battle to manage water loss. To address this complicated challenge, the sensor offers unique and advanced leak detection capabilities. Here is how sensor technology can help in effectively detecting water leakages.

Sensor Technology

Tech leaders have already developed an innovative smart pipe system for detecting water leakages. Unlike conventional water leak detection systems, sensors are attached to the outside rather than inside pipes in this system. This makes them easier to fit and reduce the chances of pipes being damaged during installation. The low cost and ease-of-use properties of the technology make smart pipes ideal for improving water resource management. Water leaks alter the pressure within pipes. The sensor is capable of detecting the slightest of the variations in pressure, and messages can be relayed as radio frequency signals that are being transmitted via the internet to a pipeline monitoring system.

Battery-powered water leak alarms are also available in the market today. In this system, the sensor is placed on the floor next to plumbing fixtures and appliances. When even the tiniest bit of water is detected, the alarm rings to announce the leak. Wireless leak sensors, available as accessories, run on batteries and send radio signals to the user when leakage is detected.

Water leakage is one of the daring problems that water utility providers face. But if left untreated, it could cost a significant amount of money. Given that, being able to find and fix leaks quicker can mean improved water management and better customer service because water suppliers can avoid unexpected water shutoffs when massive pipe breaks occur. With more data and more reliable ways to locate leaks, water suppliers can build effective maintenance schedules.

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