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How Can AgriTech Improve Farming in the Post-COVID-19 World?

By Enterprise Technology Review | Tuesday, June 16, 2020

The world has shut down because of the global pandemic known as COVID-19. Businesses around the globe are dealing with quite a blow. The agricultural industry is no exception among them. Let's see how the world can cope with the agri-related issues after the lockdown and distancing period.

FREMONT, CA: With spring stepping in, fruits and vegetables ripen, and crops become ready for harvesting. However, this year summer is going to be a bit different for the farmers due to COVID-19. The pandemic outbreak has presented a new struggle for the farmers. Helpless in the present situation, farmers have no option but to sell the stocks at a very extreme low-price. These make it very difficult for the farmers to get the deserving returns.

With proper compliance and social distancing, most of the agritech players are coming out with simplifications like an online vendor store for farmers, where they sell the yield and get a decent amount of returns.

Top 10 Agtech Consulting/Service Companies in APAC- 2020Contactless Pick-up and Drop

These players employ in-house teams, who are skilled to conduct contactless pick-up and drop procedures. For example, when a farmer places his product, the teams from the nearby area are notified to visit the seller's home, godown, or the particular field to collect the product and deliver it to the consumers.

Wait for Accurate Opportunities

With an inter-state logistics powered by agritech players, small farm owners can connect with large buyers to sell their products as per the convenience. This can be an excellent opportunity for farmers even to build relations with international consumers and vice versa.

Payment Methods

Online platforms have also helped farmers avoid payment delays. These teams follow a streamlined process and ensure farmers timely payments against their produce. Moreover, the platforms have a special section where farmers can raise any complaints and queries regarding issues concerning the overall transaction. Dedicated teams actively take up these questions to offer instant explanations round the clock.