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How Can AV Design Professional Facilitate the Needs of the Users?

Enterprise Technology Review | Friday, October 16, 2020

There is a firm balance to AV design, a fine line between a beautiful, functional system and an overcomplicated incompatible system. A genuine AV design professional can help to toe that line and formulate a system that meets all the needs of the user.

Fremont, CA: Audiovisual technology is more than just the technology and equipment; it is also about producing a long-term solution that meets the client’s needs.  AV is an experience a pleasant one depending on how it is executed. If it is done right then, an AV designer can create an experience that can be “the talk of the town.” A significant part of the AV experience is creating a custom solution to suit the needs of the client while taking into account all the specific AV requirements, and in the meanwhile, working around any existing systems and infrastructure constraints of the clients’ space.

This knowledge comes with training and experience, as well as the trial and error of previous projects. Few considerations such as sound masking and lighting design can make or break a space but are not included in typical arrangements. Sound masking can be very helpful in isolating conversations from excess office noise in video calls, and lighting design can increase the energy in an otherwise dark room.

Event Designing

Top 10 CAD CAM Solution Companies - 2019AV design is not constrained to the office. A cohesive AV event design makes sure that the guests are impressed and entertained both. An AV professional ensures that an event goes smoothly, with no detail left untouched from lighting to staging to sound amplification. Sometimes an in-house hotel AV might fall short, with outdated equipment, and generally lack personalized attention to the event. AV techs are good at presenting shows, corporate events, and live events throughout the country. Color, ambiance, and focus are added to a show by their lightning skills, and even unique lightning systems are built to emphasize the entire event.

Flash over Function

It is a common tendency to want to go for the ‘wow factor’ over functionality. It is a boon to have a professional opinion in balancing the desire for flashy equipment with knowledge of what will increase the functionality of the equipment. Consulting an experienced integrator and design team can be beneficial for the client to maximize the benefits while meeting their practical, aesthetic, and budget requirements. On working with an AV professional, one can get an impressive appearance and ensure that it works simultaneously.

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