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How Can Farmers Make the Best Out of Agtech?

By Enterprise Technology Review | Friday, October 25, 2019

With passing time, more technological advances showed up in the agriculture industry. It is now possible for farmers to leverage scientific data and technology to enhance crop yields and be updated with cutting edge methods in agriculture.

FREMONT, CA: The rising digital tools and advanced information are the two significant factors that steer modern agriculture technology. The collaborations amongst the farmers and researchers across the public as well as private sectors also had equal roles to play when it came down to modern agriculture.

There were new tillage and harvesting equipment followed by irrigation and air seeding technology, all leading to better yields and enhanced quality of the food and fiber. 


Mobile technology played a significant role in controlling as well as monitoring the crop irrigation systems. By leveraging modern technology, farmers can manage their irrigation systems with the help of their phones or computers rather than driving to every field. The moisture sensors installed in the ground can communicate information regarding the level of moisture present in the soil at different depths.

sensor technology


Apart from checking baby animals in the womb, ultrasound can be used to discover the quality of meat that can be found in an animal before it is sent to the marketplace. The examination of DNA lends a hand to the producers to identify the number of animals with excellent pedigrees along with other desirable qualities. The technology can also be utilized to help the farmers in improving the quality of their herds.

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Mobile Technology and Camera:

Some farmers and ranchers leverage different applications to keep tabs on their employees and also install cameras within their farms. Managers at livestock are setting up their barn feedlots and pastures with cameras so that they can avail the images at a central point such as home or office. They will be able to keep a keen eye on their animals whenever they are away from home and monitor them remotely round-the-clock.

Crop Sensors:

The ideal way of efficiently applying fertilizers is by using the crop sensor technology  that also maximize the uptakes. The technology can sense the crop condition and reduce the potential oozing and running off into the groundwater. Rather than making a prescription fertilizer map for the entire field, it is wise to leverage crop sensors and allow it to direct the uses of the fertilizer in real-time.