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How CCTV Can Prevent Shoplifting?

By Enterprise Technology Review | Thursday, October 08, 2020

With the increasing number of theft in the retail industry, they need to start thinking about the best possible ways for preventing it like using CCTVs.

FREMONT, CA: There are several advantages of a tailored CCTV and intelligent video management service, and it is to make it easy for the retailers so that they can decrease crimes like employee theft and shoplifting. The CCTV camera also creates a better-secured workplace making sure efficient merchandise and store manager procedures.

The advancements in the image processing technology and in Artificial Intelligence (AI) the retailers can make use of the CCTV surveillance systems that provide a better level of performance, which was not possible earlier.

What can security cameras and surveillance do for retailers?

It is not possible for the security guards it be everywhere at the same time. Still, on the other hand, the surveillance cameras can maintain security in every corner of the building. The efficient retail surveillance system will have a mix of ultra-high definition, pan-tilt zoon, and thermal cameras, which are linked to a central intelligent Video Management System (VMS) in the control room.

The 4K cameras provide an adequate amount of detail during day-time in the place where the foot or vehicle traffic is more. These cameras have also collaborated with AI-driven facial recognition along with license plate recognition software because this information provides valuable evidence during the prosecution of retail crimes. For safety during night-time, thermal cameras can be invaluable in areas like a hotspot, parking lots, and perimeters as it can provide a clear picture of the city even during hazardous weather also.

CCTV’S are Powerful tool

If the CCTV is efficiently used and resourcefully planned, then it can prove to be a powerful tool that can improve the security system and put a stop to shoplifting. The CCTV cameras can also improvise the merchandise and organize the layout of a store so that customers can have a better experience. Tackling these issues will also make the shoppers will safer in the shop because of the increasing level of retail crimes like shoplifting, pick-pocketing, and even armed robberies.

CCTV Creates a safer workplace

Moreover, the security cameras also participate in preventing criminals from generating safer public spaces by observing and surveying the areas for any risky situations. It is not possible for a human being to supervise those several camera feeds that come up, but technology can help them. It is because the smart videos driven by the algorithms of AI can be used for generating automatic alerts that can trigger whenever the smart analytics encounter any suspicious behavior.

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