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How Chatbots Help Realtors Boost Property Sales

By Enterprise Technology Review | Wednesday, December 11, 2019

Technology like chatbot streamlines the communication abilities with the customers, and help realtors save huge amount of time, money and resources.

FREMONT, CA: Potential property buyers look for opportunities to invest in new properties and property sellers put efforts to offload the unsold home. In this scenario, the introduction of chatbot proves to be a perfect solution. Be it a real estate agent or a customer, chatbots help both the property buyers and sellers by saving time, money, and additional resources. Below are some reasons why chatbot in real estate tends to guarantee success.

When buyers land on a property website, chatbots can immediately answer the queries. Chatbots save the waiting time for assistance from a human agent to expect answers about the property they are interested in. As real estate agents have time limitations like meeting deadlines, shift timings, they cannot be available to the customer throughout the day. With the help of chatbots in the real estate sector, professionals can automate the answers to the customer's queries even during the non-operational hours.

Every customer has different demands, some look for buying apartments, and some go for independent houses. The smart chatbots can provide the customers exactly what they are looking for by studying the visitors' series of questions and interactively offer relevant suggestions. This technique replaces the conventional manner of collecting information through lengthy forms. Previously, physical copies of questionnaires were given out to customers to know the customer interested in—most of the forms ending up in the trashcan. With the deployment of chatbots in real estate, customers are involved in the real-time property search process, while collecting information about their preferences.

By deploying a chatbot, realtors and sales teams enable to deal with a much narrower, filtered, and data-driven lead base that save both their time and effort. Also, chatbots work at the root level by communicating with each potential customer in a personalized manner. This way, trends can be identified between customer and bot communications and improve customer service.

As customers become more comfortable communicating with the chatbot, every industry can inevitably invest in bots to simplify their operations.

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