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How CIOs Secure their Workplaces Today?

Enterprise Technology Review | Tuesday, October 01, 2019

The continuous evolution of video surveillance technology acts as a sure boost for digital-age CIOs to upgrade their workplace security systems.

FREMONT, CA: Workplace monitoring and surveillance demand the strategic roles of video surveillance technology. CIOs collaborate with security managers and professionals to strategize the surveillance technology implementations and invest in the right security assets. Managing workplace privacy with reasonable and practical monitoring systems is the biggest challenge faced by CIOs. Likewise, there are numerous factors for CIOs to consider before selecting the best video surveillance technology. Video-based monitoring systems can minimize employee misconduct and provide procedural safety. The workplace video surveillance solutions offer numerous specifications and flexibility in the security network, allowing CIOs to optimize and manage the monitoring systems over time.

Video Quality and Resolution

CIOs look for high-quality and resolution in video-monitoring cameras, as the camera up-gradation can improvise their organizations’ security. Integrated cameras with the latest technologies provide high-performing video surveillance services through connected phones and alert systems. Advanced surveillance systems offer flexibility to customize monitoring systems, which saves the hassle involved in selecting the right set of video surveillance products to fit the organizations’ infrastructure. The customized video surveillance system can be installed easily with plug-n-play setups and remote access options. By implementing high-quality video monitoring cameras in the organizations' premises, the security departments can gain advantages of clear image and footage quality.

Video Surveillance-as-a-Service

The high-tech benefits of Video Surveillance-as-a-Service (VSaaS) are attracting the tech-savvy CIOs for upgrading their video surveillance systems. The cloud-based video surveillance systems offer various services, including video recording, storage, remote viewing, management alerts, cybersecurity, and more. Adopting well-established cloud-based video surveillance services can reduce organizations’ upfront capital costs and offer new opportunities to invest the saved capital in other business areas. Implementing VSaaS enables on-demand self-service with broader network access, and provides automatic control and optimization of resource use. VSaaS helps CIOs deploy efficient and effective video surveillance management with on-demand deployment, superior multi-site integration and management, and instant system alerts.

Smart Monitoring

The advanced video surveillance systems help CIOs bring meaningful security operations to their organizations through deep data analytics, real-time video information, and even object, event, and face reorganization abilities. New and innovative video surveillance offers wide coverage of different security verticals; the involvement of artificial intelligence allows real-time detections of unattended objects and suspicious activities engagement inside the office premises. As video surveillance inside the office premises, follows-up numerous rules and regulations like limitations on sharing and accessing the video details, the intelligent video surveillance systems enable the office security department to interpret the collected data qualitatively and take crucial actions.       

In recent years, offices and workplaces have widely adopted advanced video surveillance. Factors including surveillance systems’ computational intelligence, flexibility, connectivity, and high-quality performance help CIOs invest in better video monitoring options available in the market. The rapid growth and transformation of workplace infrastructure demand high-tech security services with extensive security features. The automation of video security surveillance for instant alert and smart detection facilities has attracted CIOs' interest. Integrated video surveillance systems with easy data accessibility upgrade the performance of video surveillance service providers. Drawing the vast attention of the CIOs, who look for advanced security solutions, the new-age video surveillance systems promise highly secure workplace infrastructure.