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How Data Insights Become the Core of Business's Digital Transformation?

Enterprise Technology Review | Tuesday, December 10, 2019

Data-driven approach for digital transformation proves to improve the products and services portfolios, and value chains of different businesses.

FREMONT, CA: Trasers offers unbiased digital transformation data and insights to enable businesses to walk through the journey of digital transformation. The company helps businesses to meet the ever-changing demands of modern customers and also addresses global business challenges. Trasers's insights allow business and IT leaders to recognize their present level of digital maturity. The advanced understanding can be achieved by using Trasers's available data stores to approach business transformation goals.

The CEO of Trasers, Sri Manchala, explains that Trasers’s study of digital transformations undertaken at more than 5,000 companies shows the majority of digital transformations fail to deliver material business impact. The company offers data-driven, unbiased insights based on numerous data points connected to each department of a company. Trasers's data can be accessed by the organizations easily, enabling the professionals to deliver critical insights across their teams and departments. Trasers's data reveals that the majority of digital transformations fail while addressing the core business difficulties by CIOs, IT, and business leaders with a 'technology-first' approach. This vision impacts the business potential to improve the customer value proposal and experience positively. According to Sri Manchala, Trasers research found that amongst established companies, the CIOs lead nearly 40% of these mission-critical transitions.

Sri Manchala states that CIOs can access unique opportunities to help their companies remain relevant, gain a competitive edge, and eventually elevate to a leadership position. He also believes that digital transformations are also unique professional opportunities to achieve transform for career trajectories from information technology to business leadership.

Trasers provides digital transformation insights that are personalized for board members, business leaders, CEOs, and technical experts across 18 industries. The company's key service offerings include digital transformation reports and certifications by various sectors, digital transformation plan and roadmaps, digital KPI structures, and custom digital transformation study.

Trasers proves to be an expert for digital transformation data and insights. The company helps CEOs and board members, business leaders, and IT professionals by navigating their transformation journeys successfully. The company enables its clients to reshape existing services and product portfolios, improvise their value chains, restructure organizations, and boost their businesses. Trasers aims to guide its clients with strategic digital transformation data plus insights. Trasers delivers digital transformation and insight that vary from reports of various industries while benchmarking the custom research services and continue the insight sourcing from real-world data.

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