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How Digital Signage has Attracted Fans to the Stadiums

By Enterprise Technology Review | Wednesday, June 17, 2020

Digital Signage is helping the stadiums to attract more fans and increase their experience while they watch their favorite match or shows.

FREMONT, CA: Every person has a special place in their heart for stadiums because they capture the memories of their favorite days and nights. It does not matter whether they are watching their ideal football match or seeing their beloved musicians live for the first time because they will cherish this moment forever in their life. However, nowadays, these stadiums have also become used to technology, and the people must find the correct way to the main event they want to witness. Therefore, to increase the experience of a person in the stadium, they need stadium digital signage.

To boost fan engagement and augment their experience, stadiums can install digital signage. However, several stadiums have already made use of it and seen how technology draws the fans to the stadiums. Here are two tips that can help the stadium owners while using digital signage for increasing ticket sales and fan engagement.

Stadium Wayfinding

It cannot be easy in a stadium to find the way to the main event for the people, and this can be a significant turn off for the fan that can stop them from visiting the stadium. However, digital signage can help them because they have recently developed a technology known as digital wayfinding that will help the fans reach the event smoothly.

Digital wayfinding consists of digital screen signs, interactive kiosks, and interactive maps that will show the fans the proper direction to the event. If anybody gets lost, they can approach the interactive kiosks and select the place where they need to go.

Modernize the Menu Boards

The greasy, worn, old menu might serve fantastic food, but it will look unappetizing. It is not a good idea to let down the hungry fans with poor marketing and quality images of the food.

Presently the demands of digital menu boards are increasing for the restaurants and stadiums. This technology will help the food to become more appealing with videos and various dynamic features. Moreover, the technology will also allow producing live steam in the event of making food in the digital signage screen of the stadium so that fans do not miss the moment.

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