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How Digital Signature Streamlines Documentation Processes

By Enterprise Technology Review | Monday, February 10, 2020

Here's how digital signatures are revolutionizing the real estate industry by eliminating the need for manual documentation processes.

FREMONT, CA: As a realtor, it’s necessary to close the deal as soon as feasible. Scheduling an in-office appointment to evaluate and sign documents is not the most suitable choice in the digital age. Besides, letting the customer juggle between daunting paperwork doesn’t help the possibility of quickly sealing the deal. Electronic signing can address the above overhead and speed up the processes for the realtors and clients. It will also reduce the necessity to manage and store massive paperwork. Further, the possibility of papers getting lost or misplaced is also mitigated.

Electronic signatures are adding to the digitalization efforts in the real estate. Moreover, digital signatures are also receiving legal acceptance and will have the equivalent legal effect as that of the paper-based documents. There are multiple advantages of using electronic signature tech over their paper-based counterparts. One such benefit is that the chance of confusion or corruption can be removed by eliminating the possibility of illegible signatures or ink smearing. Further, digital signatures are more translucent, and multiple copies can be managed and distributed to the appropriate parties almost instantly.

The paperless transaction will mitigate the costs for real estate firms. For example, the expense related to a printer's ink, fax machine, pens, printer paper, and other such accessories can be waived. Further, receiving an electronic signature is quicker. The e-sign documents can be easily transferred to a customer in mere seconds. Thus, real estate agents do not have to wait for a local mail courier to deliver papers to a client to seal a deal. The client receives the document through e-mail, and the e-signature application can manage the recipient through the form fields that are needed to be filled out.

Technological discoveries and the effortlessly available portals and automated tools are enabling the realtors to prepare documentation content remarkably quickly. Such portals can register and manage each step spanning from documents needed for the first visit necessities to transaction-related documents, payment information, ongoing rental revisions, and other such legal obligations.

The digital signature is revolutionizing the real estate transactions significantly and is all set to simplify the documentation processes.

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