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How GIS is a Farmer's New Tool

Enterprise Technology Review | Thursday, September 03, 2020

How GIS is a Farmer's New Tool

The agriculture industry is today making use of GIS technology to unlock greater efficacies.

FREMONT, CA: Geographic information system has become more than an essentiality today in the space of agriculture. Farming technologists are driving the deeper and more meritorious aspects of GIS technology in order to help agriculturists derive better farming benefits and increased yield. GIS forms a highly effective avenue for the carrying out processes that help the farmer in strategizing the growth of crops. How can GIS help in farming? What is that special merit that GIS gives the space of agriculture? Read on and find it out yourself.

GIS technology maps the various natural resources like water, air, sunlight, pressure, and more that support the processes of agriculture in an intelligent manner. Further, the report of this mapped information helps the farmer in analyzing the farm and deciding the crop that best suits the location and its properties. Farmers are leveraging the use cases of GIS to grasp vital spatial and temporal factors of the farm as they consider this technology to provide an accurate result.

Farming is becoming smarter, and GIS technology is believed to be the best one to influence the growth of crops in the highest level of positivity. The concept of precision farming is immensely being backed by the features of GIS technology. As the GIS technology has all the pros in inspecting the soil, its properties, the surroundings, access to irrigation, and other essential facilities, and more. With the application of GIS, geo-positioning devices, and field mapping algorithms, farmers are enjoying the feast of agriculture precision, and they are also riding the wave of high-tech intelligence.

GIS technology also helps the farmers in detecting any or every change that takes place in the operational sphere of farming. The farming area would be constantly monitored with the help of accurate algorithms that inspect the farms and report the farmers in a continuous manner. GIS tools also generate detailed information in terms of the availability of water bodies, identifying them, and their reliability. By using GIS technology, farmers can ensure crop health monitoring as well.