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How Proptech Companies Drive Digital Tenant Experience

By Enterprise Technology Review | Thursday, January 02, 2020

Plentific has secured €29 million to facilitate its growth plans by expanding into an extensive CRE.

FREMONT, CA: The Uber of restoration and management, enabling landlords to deliver a more transparent, reliable, and digital tenant experience, Plentific has raised €29 million in Series B funding. Plentific helps in alleviating the overall operational expenses across maintenance and repair services with digitization. Plentific's platform connects landlords with a thriving marketplace of independent and established local traders. Plentific has been funded by the international investment firm Target Global and the largest European proptech venture capital firm, AO Proptech, and existing investors, comprising Round Hill Ventures.

The new investment is to facilitate Plentific to expedite its growth plans and expand into a more comprehensive commercial real estate sector in Europe. Plentific is also preparing to step foot into the US multi-family market in 2020. Plentific's effective procurement technology lets landlords give more trivial trade businesses access to contracts that were earlier open to only comprehensive national companies. This technology ultimately boosts local communities and alleviates overall costs through a competitive and diversified supply. This helps businesses to offer their clients with a complete and flexible supply chain solution, enormous data advantages, and decreased complexity in transforming operational processes.

Plentific is the pioneering property management platform with a firm marketplace. The company enables landlords and property managers to deliver more effective repairs and maintenance services. Plentific is a purpose-driven tech company, working with trade experts and their property partners to transform their processes and the communities they serve. The company gives the services through an easy, powerful management platform and a network of established trade professionals.