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How Proptech Optimizes the Real Estate Industry

By Enterprise Technology Review | Wednesday, November 20, 2019

See how proptech alleviates real estate expenses and increases productivity.

FREMONT, CA: Proptech is directed at disrupting the traditional real estate sector. The advancing technological innovations are continually evolving the way various tasks and processes are being carried out in the real estate. Proptech incorporations are offering a competitive advantage to the real estate businesses. Moreover, technological incorporations also mitigate expenses for the real estate managers, allowing them to optimize their costs towards more excellent quality products and experiment with new business models. A constant rise in construction cost and the growth in the competition are driving the asset managers to find an alternative. And technology is the first thing that real estate companies wish to invest in.

Customer experience is evolving and gaining importance across the industry verticals. Real estate firms have quickly realized the trend and have transformed the way properties are being constructed, designed, and leased. Greater customer involvement in all the phases is being stressed upon. Technology can offer an upper hand to the firms that are looking to engage potential customers. Customers can be provided with digital platforms where they can monitor various aspects of their property, such as the history of the property, ownership cost, information over the neighborhood areas, and current value.

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One of the most significant concerns for real estate investors is high investment asset prices. The high investment asset also means a substantial risk for the investors as it can lead to misguided investments and losses. By adopting data analytics technology and monitoring systems, investors will be able to make decisions in a better manner. Real estate firms find it challenging to gain a notable margin, which is compounded by the rising cost of construction and the simultaneous shortage of labor force. On top of it, the growth in labor potency is, on average, 1% in the past two decades, which is significantly low when compared to the 2.8% growth rate of the world economy. Digitization of construction dramatically optimizes the real estate assets, increasing the average productivity. A range of technological solutions can be implemented to improve the overall operations and individual aspects of the construction process. 

Thus, there is an enormous potential for proptech in the real estate sector. Several business stakeholders, such as investors, landlords, and developers, require to consider how they can profit from technological incorporations. On the contrary, if the possibilities of proptech are ignored, real estate firms could find it challenging to match up with the tech-laced competitors in the future.