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How Real Estate can Potentially Benefit from Drones

By Enterprise Technology Review | Thursday, March 12, 2020

The introduction of drones will enable the realtors as well as buyers to inspect plots and properties in an affordable manner.

FREMONT, CA: Impressive innovations in drone technology over the past few years have led to various opportunities in real estate. The global proptech scene is experiencing a wealth of change as startups are beginning to innovate and capitalize through the use of drone technology. Proptech is growing and modernizing the entire selling and buying process. As hardly any industry is immune to technological advances, the real estate industry is also striving towards tech innovations. A drone is one such key technology that is remarkably transforming the real estate industry.

The real estate industry is thriving at an exponential rate. Buyers are excited to inspect the area at the earliest as per their convenience, turning the job of the urban planner even more complex. This is where drones can be used to gather huge amounts of data in a short interval to offer real-time results at an affordable price point. Base maps and Aerial surveys are some of the first steps carried out on any possible development location. High-resolution cameras equipped with drones are now being used to survey even those areas that were earlier complicated and difficult to inspect. Drones have turned this process swift and easy while being faster, cheaper, and safer than ever.

With the emergence of VR beyond residential real estate, 3D cameras associated with drones will necessarily be used to generate high resolution as well as realistic visualizations of potential advancements. Drones will continue to become an important part of the planner and architect’s toolkit. The visualization of data will become more accessible and accurate than before and will eventually reshape the way real estate properties designed. Drones have just started to steer the culture towards change and improvement.

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