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How Rugged Devices Empower Energy Workers

Enterprise Technology Review | Friday, February 21, 2020

Rugged technology is empowering workers in the energy sector to optimize capabilities and enhance working efficiencies.

FREMONT, CA: The safety concerns across facilities in the energy sector prevent workers from bringing portable devices with them to job sites. While workplace safety is vital, it does not rule out the necessity of handheld devices for workers on the site. Rugged devices, optimized for certain conditions, can operate safely in extreme environments. Not only do rugged devices enable workers to communicate and respond to occurrences effectively, but they also are critical in many other ways for the energy industry. The following list contains three ways by which rugged devices that add value to energy sector operations.

• Better Safety Assessments

Mobile inspection apps are quickly becoming an indispensable part of the energy sector. With the best onsite rugged technology and work management app in the devices, workers can efficiently manage scenarios involving compressed gas, energy stations, leakages, heating, fuel tank, mine safety, oil rigs, and filed inspections. The use of rugged devices backed by location technology can actually promote safety by keeping managers informed about where each worker is present.

• Improved Communication

Workers in energy companies rely on mobile devices for communication purposes. By using rugged devices to relay information to dispatchers, such workers can conduct infrastructure assessments, and maintenance and repair work. Rugged devices help energy firms equip employees to communicate competently and deliver faster responses to service connection and disconnection requests, interruptions, and other disturbances.

• Efficient Maintenance Capabilities

Workers in energy production environments can use rugged handheld devices to obtain immediate information regarding tasks assigned, parts, and tools required, navigation to the site, and job procedures. These facilities can lessen both operating costs and equipment downtime while boosting productivity.

Although the prices of rugged devices are more than consumer-grade devices, they allow energy firms to save money by limiting the need for repairs. Besides, rugged devices include specialties like daylight-readable displays and hot-swappable batteries, which enhance productivity. For those energy companies which are vying to extend their strategic advantage, rugged technology houses unlimited potential.

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