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How Smart Farming Helps Farmers to Yield Profit in the Coming Years?

By Enterprise Technology Review | Tuesday, March 03, 2020

How Smart Farming Helps Farmers to Yield Profit in the Coming Years?

With the advent of immersive techniques like IoT sensors, AI, and drone technology, the agrarians are yet to witness a complete transformation in the industry.

FREMONT, CA: Technological innovation in farming is nothing new. Besides, the Industrial Revolution brought about the cotton gin. The 1800s brought about the grain elevators, chemical fertilizers, and the first gas-powered tractor. The IoT is all set to push the future of farming into the next level. Smart farming is already becoming more commonplace among the agrarians, and high technology farming is becoming the standard because of the use of drones and other technologies.

IoT applications in agriculture and how the Internet of Things for farming help farmers meet the world's food demands in the coming years.

Top Sensor Tech Solution CompaniesAgrarians have already begun employing some high tech farming technologies to improve the efficiency of their day-to-day work. The farmers now can use their smartphones to monitor their tools, crops, and livestock remotely, to obtain stats on the livestock feeding and produce. Provided, they can even use this technology to run statistical predictions for the crops and livestock. Drones have become invaluable equipment for farmers to survey their lands and crop data.

All of these tools help make up precision farming or precision agriculture, the process of using satellite imagery and other technologies to observe and record data to enhance production output while minimizing cost and preserving resources.

Future of Farming

Blockchain technology makes its way to the IoT and is very important in the farming sector due to its ability to offer companies with essential data on crops. Agrarians use sensors to gather data about crops, which is passed onto the blockchain and comprises identifying the factors as well as salt and sugar content and pH levels in the soil.

Given all of the benefits of the IoT applications in agriculture, it's understandable that the farmers are increasingly turning to drones and satellites for the future of farming. Drones allow the farmers to monitor how far the crops reach in their respective growth periods. Along with this, the farmers can spray ailing crops via drones with substances to bring them back to life.

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