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By Enterprise Technology Review | Monday, September 23, 2019

How Technologies are Shaping the Real Estate World?

Big data, blockchain, and AI carry a significant benefit prospect for the real estate marketplace, which can completely transform the industry with every development.

FREMONT, CA: The past few years have seen significant breakthroughs in the world of real estate that has always relied on technological advancements. The new technologies will put substantial impacts on the lives of people working as real estate agents, landlords looking for better tenants, or prospective house-owners searching for their first home.

Trading Platform:

The fundamental idea of trading or buying and selling platform is to make the properties easily approachable and more insightful to more number of people. With better platforms to steer, homeowners can get their houses in the marketplace instantly, and the number of buyers can avail the offer. By using a platform to sell the house in today's tech world, people can have the opportunity to avoid the interference of an agent.

Blockchain Technology:

Blockchain has grabbed the attention of many industrialists as it supports cryptocurrency, and it has higher chances to be seen in the real estate world. Tokenization being in place, the possibilities of blockchain applications can be endless. The landlords can supposedly utilize the blockchain to advertise a few parts of ownership in their properties. Whereas, the real estate contracts taking place involving buyers and sellers can be carried out with total encryption and integrated legitimacy verifications. With the help of blockchain ledgers, property titles can be stored securely and conveniently.

Virtual Process:

In every industry, virtual reality has been making it to the top and shows various aspects that can be welcomed in real estate and beyond. One of the vital steps of purchasing a property or being a tenant anywhere comes after viewing the property, inside and out. Nonetheless, it can be an extremely complex process in case people are moving to a distant city or are unavailable in the viewing hours. Virtual reality (VR) can make the process seamless by allowing prospective buyers or tenants to walk through the properties before purchasing.

ML and ROI Reduction:

With the help of big data and machine learning algorithms, real estate agents can acquire more insights regarding the ROI of each transaction made by the client. The real estate agents can make better and precise predictions about the property costs, clients’ investment, and their commissions. The statistics and algorithms can additionally be used to identify better deals, resulting in smarter investments.