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How Technology Can Transform the Mining Industry

By Enterprise Technology Review | Thursday, July 09, 2020

Technology in the mining industry will disrupt the system but in a better way as it will increase the efficiency of the miners.

FREMONT, CA: Mining industry is one of the oldest global industries, and it has had a massive impact on the major economies. In present times, the mining can only represent 12 percent of the GDP worldwide as per products and revenues, but the industries still require mining. However, the mining industry faces various challenges due to the increasing population and their demand for minerals. It is becoming challenging to extract minerals and process it as it impacts the environment, which has become a social concern.

There are many industries facing challenges because of the technological transformation and trying to increase their future growth with it. The mining sector is also getting a boost due to the latest innovations, social demand, new technologies, and opportunities presented by the technology.

Digital transformation

Top 10 Mining Tech Companies in APAC - 2020Many companies in the mining industry are resisting the advancement of technology in the sector. According to them, by applying digitalization, they have to change their present system of working as it will create confusion and disturb the work environment. However, digital transformation will disrupt the system but in a much better way as it will help the mining industry increase its efficiency and productivity.

The mining operations can become smarter with the help of digitalization as it will utilize various digital devices and processes that will make the activities interconnected and smooth. In the mining process, rectifying issues is always reactive than proactive. With the help of dynamic information through interconnected digital software, miners can correct the problems in advance before it takes place.

Mining technology and tools

The digital transformation prioritizes making mines smart with new tools and technologies on the transportation, equipment, and hardware. The latest technologies will allow the miners to connect intelligent mines by combining data analytics, machine learning, and AI.

Furthermore, the mining companies have also started using drones to increase safety in the areas that can be dangerous for humans. Miners are even using drones as it helps them to develop steeper slope angles because it will reduce the ratio of stripping and waste rock before the ore has been extracted.

Robots can also be used as a substitute for the traditional shovel and the extraction procedure followed by humans. In the future, the demand for robotic mining will increase as the mining process will become more computer-controlled and powerful machines so that they can extract more minerals at less time.

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