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How Technology is Benefitting the Agriculture Sector

Enterprise Technology Review | Sunday, May 03, 2020

The agriculture sector is also making use of technologies as it can help them with various data which is necessary for efficient farming.

FREMONT, CA: Like every other industry, the agriculture sector has also benefitted from the impact of technology. Today, the farmers rely on information technology for several things, like managing the farm operations. Information technology has transformed the methods in which the farmers managed livestock and crops. The demand for E-agriculture is dramatically increasing because the farmers are in a position to locally make changes by utilizing technology for decreasing water consumption, increasing profits, and enhance crop yield.

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Cloud Computing for Farm Management

Cloud computing is one of the applications which the farmers can utilize so that they can manage crops efficiently and their businesses with the help of its application known as software-as-a-service (Saas). In the agricultural sector, start-up firms are creating a business application that is mainly developed to help them. Many of these applications are such that the farmers can even create budgets and operational schedules according to the production strategies. Farming-based software is available due to which workforce management can become even more efficient. It will become easy for the farmers to work plans against the weather forecast and monitor the progress continuously. The farmers can also make use of mobile task management tools and data integration techniques so that they can measure machine operations and production. There is also analytics software that can assist the farmers in tracking production yields, profits against benchmarked values, and costs.

Mobile Technology

Mobile technology is transforming the thin method in which the farming sector is monitoring and evaluating. Earlier such work was done with the help of pencil and paper, but now it is possible to do with smartphones and tablets. There are also apps that are mainly designed for the field teams so that they can collect data. The farmers can even collect real-time data as the updated notification is sent on the mobile phones of the field teams.