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What We Don't Know Will Hurt Us

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How this Business Intelligence Tool Transforms Supply Chains

By Enterprise Technology Review | Thursday, January 02, 2020

An interactive platform is bringing real-time visibility and actionable insights to revolutionize logistics programs and supply chains.

FREMONT, CA: Transportation Insight is a pioneer in Enterprise Logistics solutions and services for the end-to-end supply chain. The company's Insight Fusion®, which is a next-generation Business Intelligence tool and a powerful analytics solution, is bringing real-time visibility and actionable insights to revolutionize logistics programs and supply chains. Transportation Insight recognizes that businesses necessitate a single point of visibility comprising all transportation methods to see and manage how carrier rate increases, and geography and seasonal demand affect their transportation expenses.

Transportation Insight gives administrators and tactical supply chain managers a novel perspective on their transportation management maneuvering with on-demand data access and best data visualization. This maneuvering enables executives and tactical supply chain managers to recognize business trends, enhance performance, and support decision-making. The company concentrates transactional data for all logistics activities in one platform, capable of understanding output based on information collected across the enterprise. This expedites stakeholders to gain information for enhancing enterprise performance and profitability. By offering evidence-based decisions, corporations reduce transportation costs, enhance customer assistance, and mitigate financial and operational risks. Insight Fusion understands detailed reporting, data visualization, and transportation document storage in a single platform for a holistic view of an enterprise.

Transportation Insight is a leading logistics provider, partners with manufacturers, retailers, and distributors. The company helps in alleviating cycle times, gaining cost savings, and intensifying customer satisfaction standards via customized supply chain solutions. Through the organization's Co-managed Logistics® solutions, Transportation Insight acts as an expansion for businesses to empower businesses with logistics technology, processes, engineering, and consulting that drive out cost and enhance efficiency. Transportation Insight continues to monitor inbound and outbound networks for additive cost and service optimization opportunities

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