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How to Stay Connected and Running During Times of Crisis?

By Enterprise Technology Review | Thursday, June 18, 2020

More than 109,000 people around the world have been affected by the novel coronavirus, and more than 3,800 have died. At the same time, the world is waiting anxiously, wondering the level of threat of the virus and its effect on businesses.

Fremont, CA: Coronavirus has affected many around the globe, which in turn has distressed the productivity of businesses. But in this age of digital communication, working from home and working remotely, in local as well as the international level, is becoming a common practice adopted by every company. The biggest question here is, in a world of outbreaks and natural disasters, how can businesses keep their teams connected. Here are two ways to keep a team connected during such a crisis.


Sometimes due to reasons such as distance, illness, or weather conditions, many employees are not able to make it to the office. About 3.9 million employees in the U.S. work from home at least half of the time. The vital part is to keep people connected to colleagues and clients; more often than not is having the perfect technology. For instance, an organized conference room system based in the office can help the coworkers in the office to stay connected to the individual working from home by having them there in the room via video conferencing.

Top 10 NanoTech Solution Companies - 2020Even a comprehensive, collaborative system can help in fostering communication. Few systems like Skype for Business and Microsoft Teams combine email, instant messaging, phone, and video calls. This process not only keeps everyone on the same page but also makes staying in touch fast and easy.

Video Conference

With the world being engulfed with coronavirus, international offices are closing down, and travel abilities are being limited. In such a scenario, global video conferencing capabilities are becoming more critical than ever. It is very crucial to stay connected through more than just email for maintaining business relationships.

Video conferencing is one example of such a tool that fulfills this requirement by providing the ability to create practical solutions together to better productivity as a team. Video conferencing also helps in making the meetings more productive and achieve meaningful results timely. The ability to interact, along with real-time information, helps in keeping the communication open and clear.

To conclude, collaborative technology coupled with remote work will allow the team to stay connected when in-person communication is not possible. Combining the right collaborative tool with the proper support and processes helps in keeping everyone on the same page and business running smoothly.

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