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How Touchscreens Benefit the Retailers

Enterprise Technology Review | Thursday, December 12, 2019

Touchscreens have helped retailers to come out of their traditional methods and become more consumer-centric.

FREMONT, CA: It has been a long time since e-commerce was introduced in the market. Customers started appreciating the online shopping experience because it was more convenient and straightforward. Now, several platforms offer product content, reviews, and ratings for their customers so that they can have a better experience while shopping.

When the number of online shoppers increased because of its efficiency, their expectations also started to grow, and fewer shoppers visited the brick-and-mortar stores. However, some retailers failed as they did not have the necessary vision and also the required skill set to benefit from reliable technology. It was clear that the retailers had to improve their customer experience, and this was the key to reorganize the disruptive change brought by e-commerce.

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The Slow and Steady Process of Learning 

The creative sales management teams were restricted to the IT department's priorities and schedules for providing ideas that are intended to offer a promising sales forecast. Accordingly, shopper-centric technologies to develop the customer experience in-store were not focused on as merchants invested more in e-commerce.

However, the Touchscreen kiosks had a crucial role in accomplishing the evolution and provide an improved customer experience.

Touchrate was one of the technology providers that used using touchscreens for self-service so that it can redefine the experience of the shoppers with a digital procedure for purchasing. The best part was many major retailers, and their brands supported it. The touchscreen provided a digitalized way for purchasing, which had a logical approach for customers by filtering the confusions that the SKUs shoppers have to go through while deciding in the aisle.  

It is also necessary for retailers to innovate from within the framework of the in-store customer experience.

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