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How Will AI Benefit Video Surveillance in the Future?

By Enterprise Technology Review | Friday, January 31, 2020

AI software can recognize images and audio from video surveillance live streams and recordings providing enhanced security.

FREMONT, CA: Video surveillance refers to monitoring an area using video cameras, which are connected to a recording device or IP network. It is a rapidly growing industry that has begun to play a significant role in the smart world. It is a critical component of security. Evolution of technologies like AI, IoT, and cloud will expand the use cases in conjunction with existing devices and solutions that meet the changing customer demands. No industry was left unaffected by the penetration of AI, and similarly, when the technology is incorporated into video surveillance, it offers innumerable opportunities to provide improved security. Here is how AI will benefit video surveillance while enhancing security in the future.

Presently, many security cameras transmit the data they collect to the server for analysis. With Edge-based AI technology in these cameras, the burden of transferring a large amount of data onto a camera can be reduced. This is because, the camera itself filters and processes data locally and send to the server, thus, reducing server cost while saving time and increasing efficiency. Using image recognition algorithms, AI software can recognize images and audio from video surveillance live streams and recordings. AI robots can accomplish identifying faces, objects, events, and more, a hundred times faster than human eyes.

AI has evolved into different fields, and one of the most important is “Computer Vision” including the sub-domains such as video tracking, object recognition, scene construction, image and 3D pose estimation. Others include image restoration and event detection.

AI in video surveillance can identify criminal and detect unusual and dangerous objects. Here, data from video live streams will be fed to an AI-based analytics processing engine which will analyze the content in real-time. It then extracts critical metadata, and send out immediate alerts to security agents.

AI-based technology can carefully watch people for unusual behavior and events. Unusual motion can be easily predicted. Also, audio analytics capability allows for analyzing abnormal sounds. For these reasons, AI technology in video surveillance will best suit homes, industries and vehicles.

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