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How Will AI Transform the Physical Security Platform?

Enterprise Technology Review | Friday, December 13, 2019

With the increasing advancement of technology, AI and physical security will continue to be combined, making access protocols safer.

FREMONT, CA: Bodyguards and lasers are not included in the future of security. Instead, it's going to be a simple but sophisticated, highly intelligent device. Technology is progressing rapidly, with protocols for artificial intelligence (AI). AI promises to change our way of living from the press that we consume to the jobs that we hold. It can prevent crime in the security sector, support businesses, complement the military, and defend buildings, homes, and possessions.

Three years might not seem like a long time, because it's not. AI technology is already being used worldwide. HD cameras, facial recognition, and remote sensors gather tons of data in Hong Kong, while algorithms evaluate real-time events and show potential risks. AI can detect if a person acts out of the system's ordinary and flag exceptions with smart capabilities. There, the right course of action is determined by human operators. AI is already high in physical security.

Video Surveillance Analytics

Only after a crime has been committed, will traditional video surveillance systems examine it. There may be enough cameras spread around the area you like, but not enough people to watch video feeds and scan content. This weakness can be solved by deep-learning AI. The code analyzes video and identifies real-time patterns that suggest violent behavior. AI can prevent and allow criminals to acts for a quick reaction when they occur.

 Robot and Drone

Prior to AI's advent, physical security called for enforcers of human law. Security staff patrols the streets in search of potential threats. An understaffed team and lack of equipment can result in safety deficiencies. For AI, in case of potential threats, human security officers only need to be on standby. You can leave the actual monitoring of robots. Even with higher success rates, they can operate security missions such as search and rescue.

Crowd Monitoring

It can be difficult, particularly with a small workforce, to manage a large crowd like a busy street, metro station, shopping area, or concert. It would be almost impossible to track the activity and behavior of each individual. AI crowd monitoring systems can track individuals down to the footfall in a designated area. Even when hidden from sight, smart sensors can detect objects made from specific materials and discern their shape. If a weapon is detected, human staff will be alerted.

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