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How Will Drones Help with Maintaining the Golf Course?

Enterprise Technology Review | Wednesday, February 12, 2020

The data derived from the multispectral remote sensing drones will help the golf owners to maintain the beauty and quality of their drones.

FREMONT, CA: Users can get vital information about the health of the golf course from the data derived from multispectral sensor data. The multispectral sensor data can identify issues caused by disease fairways, shrubs, invasive weeds, and stress to greens, pests, and trees, particularly the ones that are not visible to the naked eyes.

The multispectral drones popularly known as the remote sensing platform can be an essential tool for the golf course that the owners can consider investing. There are several advantages of a drone on a golf course. Furthermore, the drones can also be used for creating professional golf course aerial videos and used it for marketing. There is also another type of aerial footages known as the interactive hole by hole drone video, and it can even be used for endorsement of the golf courses along with assisting the members in studying and reading the golf course.

The golf course owners can also use the done for maintaining the health of the course by utilizing the multispectral data. There is no doubt that the drone has become a remote sensing platform because of the sensors and specialized software that generates data and maps regarding the health and vitality of the plant lives in a golf course.

Here is a list of benefits offered by the multispectral data for checking the health and maintaining the, of course.

What is the Use of Multispectral Remote Sensing Technology?

Multispectral Data will Increase the Beauty of the Golf Course

Almost every golf course has an extensive range of flowers, shrubs, grass, trees, and fauna. The health of this vegetation and plantation are essential because it increases the beauty of the course. Furthermore, the owners, green keepers, and the maintenance teams can also obtain relevant data about the vitality and health of the natural habitat, fairways, trees, greens, and shrubs of the golf course with the assistance of multispectral data and imagery.

This sensor technology utilizes the red, green, red-edge, and near-infrared (NIR) wavebands so that it can capture the invisible as well as visible images of the golf course. The information provided by the multispectral sensor helps to detect any stress to the trees, greens, shrubs, and fairways at an early stage. Therefore, the data support the maintenance team to take proper actions before it ruins the golf course.

Moreover, the early morning golf course flyovers will also permit the maintenance teams to survey and calculate every aspect of the golf course so that they can get a clear picture of it quickly. With the information, the maintaining teams can also respond rapidly if attention is necessary for any area of the course.

The Importance of Golf Course Multispectral Remote Sensing Data

Here are a few advantages that the golf course owners can enjoy by utilizing drones. They can use both the multispectral sensors and the straight forward aerial cameras to maintain the condition of their golf course.

1. The sensors can survey every corner of the buildings and fence.

2. The camera and the sensors can also detect the plant height and biomass measurements.

3. Multispectral data can recognize the disease, pests, and invasive weed, allowing the maintenance team to optimize the use of pesticides and crop sprays.

4. It can also measure irrigation so that it can accurately determine the parts of the golf course where the stress of water level is high, or the drainage is not working. Hence, allowing the owners to improvise their drainage and irrigation systems.

5. The sensors can also offer essential data regarding the fertility of the soil, which allows the green keeper to make the best use of fertilization by identifying nutrient deficiencies.

6. The multispectral sensor and aerial cameras can help in surveying the golf course after storms or any other environmental hazards. The survey will not only provide information about any damage to the trees that require repairing or need to be removed but also let enterprises know if the course is playable.

7. It is also capable of understanding if any species have started to over-populate the golf course, therefore, keeping track of the plant counting and spacing.

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