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Embedded sensors in the noise and...

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How Will Nanotechnology Revolutionize Enterprise World?

Enterprise Technology Review | Friday, November 22, 2019

Most enterprises widely accept nanotechnology due to its variety of implications and usage in various industry fields.

FREMONT, CA: For more than 20 years, nanotechnology is helping to considerably improve and revolutionize many industry sectors like information technology, homeland security, medicine, transportation, energy, food safety, and environmental science.

One of the significant contributions is toward advances in computing and electronics, leading to rapid, smaller, and more portable systems that can manage and store a massive amount of data. Other computing and electronic products include Flash memory chips for smartphones and thumb drives, ultra-responsive hearing aids, antimicrobial/antibacterial coatings on keyboards and cell phone casings, conductive inks for printed electronics for RFID/smart cards/smart packaging, and flexible displays for e-book readers.

Many benefits of nanotechnology depend on the fact that it is possible to adapt the structures of materials at extremely small scales to attain specific properties, thus substantially extending the materials science toolkit. Leveraging nanotechnology makes materials effectively stronger, lighter, durable, reactive, more sieve-like, and better electrical conductors.

Nanotechnology is already broadening and is being widely used for energy applications. It is finding applications in traditional energy sources and is significantly increasing alternative energy approaches to help meet the world's increasing energy demands. Many scientists are looking into various ways to develop clean, affordable, and renewable energy sources, along with different ways to reduce energy consumption and lessen toxicity burdens on the environment.

Nanotechnology is enhancing the efficiency of fuel production from raw petroleum materials through better catalysis. It is also enabling minimized fuel consumption in vehicles and power plants through higher-efficiency combustion and reduced friction.

Nanotechnology provides the promise of manufacturing multifunctional materials that will contribute to building and maintaining lighter, safer, smarter, and more efficient vehicles, aircraft, spacecraft, and ships. Besides, nanotechnology offers various means to improve transportation infrastructure.

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