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Implement Command - A Technology to Help Make Data-Driven Decisions

By Enterprise Technology Review | Friday, September 06, 2019

Implement Command - A Technology to Help Make Data-Driven Decisions

Farmers can control the vertical tillage tool performance without crawling in and out of the tractor cab.

Fremont, CA: In this data-driven world, every industry is greatly influenced by data, and so is the agricultural sector. These insights are of paramount importance as they can help farmers to monitor the irrigation while lessening the need for the physical manpower. Eventually, data can assist farmers in finding out new ways to maximize efficiency while making data-driven decisions about the fields. These days, farmers are looking for a technology that can ease their job from being in one stable place.

A new technology, Implement Command, helps achieve this. It is now available on the new 18-foot and 35-foot Turbo-Maxes tractor cabs from where the farmers can adjust the vertical tillage tool’s performance. It is also incorporated with the ability to set, adjust, and monitor the tillage tool. Implement Command makes real-time decisions on the go, thereby helping users to improve yields and soil health. It gives control to the producer inside the tractor cab, eliminating the need for them to crawl in and out. The most significant benefit to producers with this technology is a newfound convenience and ease of use.

The new convenience is achieved in the push of a button. A simple push of a button enables controlling many Turbo-Max functions through Implement Command.

Tillage depth

Farmers can control tillage depth on their own and is accomplished by adjusting the three programmable presets.

Weight transfer

Weight transfer can be controlled by dialing in the appropriate amount of down pressure applied to the wings and thus adjusted on the monitor.

Screen time

An added advantage of this technology is that farmers can keep an eye on several settings in just a glance, including the gang angle from 0 degrees to 6 degrees, fore-and-aft leveling, and the hydraulic reel’s down pressure. Also, these settings can be changed using hydraulic levers in the tractor cab.

In the event of accidentally hitting a lever or unintended changes to the field, Implement Command system immediately displays the changes on the screen enabling the users to halt the changes made. Implement command does not require additional monitors as it works on the tractors’ virtual terminal (VT) and is ISO compatible. When multiple displays are present in a tractor, dual VT compatibility allows farmers to transfer control to the next VT available on the bus.