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Is Foam Going to be the Next Breakthrough Technology Across Industries?

By Enterprise Technology Review | Friday, November 08, 2019

Foam technology is the buzz word in the industries. How it is making a difference in the way industries are functioning? 

FREMONT, CA: Foams are phenomenal compounds. A small amount of chemical, blended with air and water via violent agitation, produces bubbles of enormous volume. The outcome is mostly air. However, it has remarkable properties depending on the chemical.

Foam Technology: Foam which is much more robust than steel

Ingenious new stick foam is currently in use as an ultimate firewall for ultra high-security facilities like those who keep nuclear weapons.

Steel doors are being designed with built-in foam solution containers. The foam rushes forth and quickly expands forty-fold in volume in case the door is forced open, which results in the immediate barricade. It provides enough time for reinforcements to arrive. Another use of the same innovation is in the bank vaults’ doors.

Firefighting foamFire protection

The foam acts as an excellent insulation material when made from silicon.

Another remarkable foam aerogel is almost solidified air. The foam is almost transparent and can carry 2,000 times its weight.

The foam resists water but can be used to attract and hold moisture. Carbon aerogels, by area required, are exceptionally conductive. They are utilized for making a unique paper for capacitors and electrodes.

Aerogels are generally utilized to add insulation to skylights and are also being used for more window applications. It is also being utilized to make uniquely light, warm blankets. It is of high demand in commercial markets and is sold in the form of powders, solid shapes, and composite paper.

Moreover, since firefoam can expand the region covered by water dozens of times over, it can enhance the firefighting power of available water by converting air into a weapon against fire.

Besides, it can also be put into use to protectively coat an infrastructure in the path of a wildfire. By adhering to the surface, the foam provides long-lasting wetting action.

No wonder foam technology is making significant changes in dealing with different situations. However, still more work needs to be done to discover so that it can be used more effectively.