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Leveraging AI Chatbots in the Real Estate Business

Enterprise Technology Review | Tuesday, May 28, 2019

FREMONT, CA – Artificial intelligence (AI) has vastly contributed to technological development. The introduction of chatbots is one of the most prominent innovations in the AI and automation sector. The chatbot technology has revolutionized the e-commerce business, opening new doors for the growth of customer pool and streamlining of crucial processes.

AI is evolving the face of industries, providing them with robust and seamless solutions to increase productivity as well as efficiency. In the real estate industry, chatbots have created a new and efficient means of communication to attract customers. The enterprise mobility solutions enable the agencies to keep track of the operations. The implementation of chatbot technology facilitates prompt replies to customer queries, eliminating the long wait periods.

The machine learning (ML) subset of AI technology enables the agencies to provide personalized services to the customer by assessing their behavior. The customized communication methods are designed to achieve utmost customer satisfaction without any need for customer intervention.

The chatbots can utilize the information from previous conversations to make relevant suggestions to the customers. The recommendations are designed to rouse the interest of customers. The chatbots will consider customer preferences, the facilities provided, as well as the distance from their current location when suggesting new properties, thus offering optimal results.

The traditional approach of manual information retrieval from the database is a time-consuming process. Also, the extensive filters can lag the systems, further slowing down the process. However, the utilization of AI will enable quick retrieval of data, thus driving the efficiency of the entire process. Chatbots can connect automatically to the databases and offer immediate results in real time.

The prompt replies often trigger customer interest in the real estate agency sites. It will not only increase the leads but will also incline the customers to return to the websites. Chatbots take advantage of available customer information for an intimate and personalized approach of communication for effective lead conversion. Chatbots powered by AI technology has driven the real estate agency to adopt innovative digital techniques. As a result, the real estate agency has witnessed an increase in productivity as well as revenue.