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Nanotechnology: A New Era for Energy Industry

By Enterprise Technology Review | Thursday, July 25, 2019

Nanotechnology is cost-effective and efficient, hence a perfect substitute for the conventional energy producing methodology.

FREMONT, CA: With the increasing number of industries and households, the demand for energy is skyrocketing. The magnitude of power generation is raised to a tipping point, where it’s taking a massive toll on the ecosystem. Furthermore, as the world moves towards a technological utopia, professionals and experts must scrutinize the chronological imbalance created between organic and syntactic. However, with the inclusion of innovative techniques, the probable annihilation of non-renewable resources is eliminated.

In order to pave the path for future millennials, investors have already started integrating nanotechnology in the power generating sector. With the cost-effective and efficient functionalities of nanomaterials, nanotechnology is a perfect substitute for the conventional energy producing methodology.

Solar Steam Device

For decades industry professionals are searching for effective ways to harnessing solar power, and making it fit for practical purposes. However, with the introduction of steam generating nanoparticles, the hunt for a perfect solution has finally stopped.

Nanoparticles enabled the researchers to convert sunlight into steam efficiently and deescalated the utilization of fossil fuels. With the introduction of nanotechnology powered solar steam device, fundamental applications like water purification and disinfecting dental instruments can be achieved without destabilizing the ecosystem. On the other hand, innovators are currently working on running power plants and heavy machinery with the energy generated from nanoparticles.  

Producing High-Efficiency Light Bulbs

When it comes to primary illuminating devices, the light bulb is the first name that pops up in our human mind. While many professionals believe the light bulb to be an extension of primitive technology, but the development of lights bulb has surpassed the traditional barriers. With a high-efficiency nano-engineered polymer matrix, the users will have highly compact fluorescence bulbs with the shatter-proof property. Furthermore, the nano-sized LED filaments will increase the lux achieved from conventional light bulbs.

Generating Electricity from Waste Heat

With the variance of temperature, the researchers have constructed energy-generating nanotubes, which wraps around hot pipes to supply power. By aligning energy-producing nanotubes with the exhaust pipe of vehicles, the users will be able to generate localized powers in households.

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