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New Pressure and Level Sensors Catering to IoT Operations

By Enterprise Technology Review | Friday, September 04, 2020

Providing analog and digital output signals according to the requirement of IoT applications is made easy with the release of a new series of pressure and level sensors.    

FREMONT, CA: An Infinite Electronics brand, L-com, has released a new series of pressure and level sensors that were developed to address IoT applications. The company's new IoT sensor product line includes pressure sensors and transmitters, differential pressure sensors, and level transmitters. These products provide analog or digital output signals suitable for IoT applications. The robust IoT sensor technology offer an exceptional range, accuracy, and the ability to function in harsh conditions found in utilities, factory automation, oil and gas, and food processing industries.

Sensor Technology

The new pressure and level sensors, and transmitters feature a higher level of accuracy at high and low-pressure ranges and isolated construction. This, in turn, enables measurement in various liquids and gases with a wide operating temperature range that provides temperature compensation. The level transmitters are highly stable, reliable, and fully sealed, which allows them to act as submersible level transmitters. L-com is developing and supporting solutions that fuel IoT applications, hence mitigating operational costs, increasing revenue, and improving business efficiencies for customers. The new pressure and level sensors continue to offer a true end-to-end connectivity solution bringing significant value to the users.    


L-com is a pioneering manufacturer of wired and wireless connectivity goods, offering a broad range of solutions to businesses. The company provides unique customer service for the data communications and electronics industries. L-com's product portfolio includes cable assemblies, adapters, antennas, connectors, enclosures, surge protectors, and more. The company is an infinite electronics brand, serving a global engineering customer base with deep technical expertise and support, with one of the broadest inventories of products available for immediate shipment.