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By Enterprise Technology Review | Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Every little expenditure choice is needed to go through a lengthy hierarchy chain requiring a buy-in not only from the top leadership but also from the cross-function teams. Technology advancements help the companies welcome higher revenue!

FERMONT, CA: Sales agility is a new strategy that businesses are embracing to uncover efficient selling abilities. Sales experts need the capacity to transition seamlessly from one skill to another as they engage with a multitude of stakeholders. Currently, agility drives momentum. Let's understand some of the technological solutions to real-time revenue generation problems.

Long Sales Cycles

SMB entreprenuers make faster buying decisions; IT purchasing choices are generally made by the proprietor or the business CEO. Quick decisions also imply fast sales for the IT entrepreneur and correspondingly fewer work capital difficulties. However, the situation with big firms is distinct. Long yet smart processes motivate large businesses.

Understanding the Individual Needs

Every company is unique in terms of patterns of purchase and use. Examine the industry trends in technology deployment to which the prospective client belongs. Read the industry-relevant white papers, case studies, solution reviews, and comparative graphs. Try to engage in brief discussions with that company's IT team members during telephone follow-ups. Preparing a distinct solution strategy outline for the customers is a must for successful selling in the business space.


In a small business set-up where IT procurement is tactical, selling a standard solution may operate. This is seldom the case with businesses. As a vendor partner selling to big corporations, there is a need to customize the solutions to fit the customer's particular requirements. A company may have a host of third-party tools in location and a great legacy application.

Also, look at the long-term development plan and vision of the company as the next step. Companies are looking for suppliers with whom they can partner comfortably for several years. Building confidence that promotes business customers to participate in a long-term partnership takes the business-sales adventure towards success.