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Nexit City Mode to Reinvent Navigation Experience

Enterprise Technology Review | Tuesday, September 08, 2020

Nexit's latest navigation app, with its innovative city mode, helps users find all their needs on the map.

FREMONT, CA: Nexit launches its new innovative city mode to help users find all their preferences on the map. Nexit was launched in December 2019 as an all-in-one app for highway travelers, going beyond what existing map apps offer. In addition to turn-by-turn directions, Nexit also assists drivers to customize the road trip by searching exactly what they want, when they need it, on the way they are traveling on. The latest navigation app now brings innovation to the local market with city mode. The app will surely reinvent the highway and the city.

Unlike Google Maps or Apple Maps, Nexit city mode enables users to search the city for a vast combination of brands and categories such as popular restaurants, shopping, hotels, and others. Users can also search by multiple amenities, like wi-fi, ATM, and all of this will be displayed on the map. This helps users find the area that has all of their requirements in the same area. Nexit's leading search functions are available to plan and enjoy the day around the city in a more convenient, user-friendly way.

Nexit is thrilled to continue its record of innovation for navigation users, whether they are planning a trip, driving across the state, or walking around cities. The company knows that there will be significant demand from users who are often frustrated by the limits of other mapping apps. Nexit is proud to make city searches easier and more enjoyable with the latest app. Nexit is the smartest map users will ever use and solves many common frustrations of existing navigation apps.

Nexit brings innovation to the navigation market. City mode continues this innovation and enhances the user experience to walking around the city or driving users in the local market. Currently, city mode is available in the United States and will be coming next year to cities around the globe. The app covers all continental United States, and its premium features are free for all. Nexit is available in the App Store for Apple iOS and will be coming soon to Android.