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Next-Gen Technologies Augmenting the Effectiveness of Firefighting

Enterprise Technology Review | Thursday, January 09, 2020

Since the late 1800s, when the very first automatic fire alarm system was patented, fire safety technology has come a long way, and significant developments in fire safety technology continue to increase the firefighting effectiveness.

Fremont, CA: Fire safety is essential in buildings, which makes it vital that facility managers delve in fire protection strategies on the maintenance of existing technologies, and distinguish where system the systems upgrades are needed. These tactics help to limit nuisance alarms and provide more accurate information to occupants when future incidents take place. Various new fire and life safety technologies and innovations remain notable, and they may yet attain greater use and application in the future. There is a probability that some or all of them have gained greater use in a particular market. There are numerous products and systems available today.

Video Image Smoke Detection

VISD technology and devices have been there for more than a decade. The concept of VISD is comparatively simple, and it is a camera used to “see” a fire event, which is recognized by leveraging video analytics algorithms that analyzes the camera images. When the algorithm analysis detects a pattern that is indicative of smoke, an alarm signal is initiated.

By using a stand-alone camera specially designed for video imaging, smoke detection can be accomplished, coupled with the capacity to achieve the analytic algorithms within the camera. These stands alone cameras can be compared to optical flame detectors, where the processing transpires at the unit, and it acts as an advanced spot type detector in a fire alarm system framework.

Dynamic Wayfinding Devices

A technological advancement that has been percolating in the design and construction space for many years, but has not witnessed widespread implementation, is dynamic wayfinding devices or systems. On the contrary side of the sensory coin for dynamic wayfinding technology is audible wayfinding, which is sometimes referred to as directional sound devices. Rather than providing visual cues to occupants, the directional sound devices offer acoustic signals that dwellers are expected to pursue to reach an exit. These acoustic signals can be in the form of a particular sound or pulse pattern or alive or a prerecorded voice message.

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