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Quick Transition to High-Tech Lifestyles With PropTech

By Enterprise Technology Review | Friday, May 31, 2019

FREMONT, CA: Every industry takes over the digital age, and real estate is no exception. Searching for holiday rentals, homes, and commercial properties through mobile apps is now the norm, and the technology of real estate is not stopping there. Once buyers and renters locate their dream properties, technology readily takes over the home or business space. Proptech is the fastest-growing investment sectors in the world due to the growing interest and demand for smart property features. Proptech makes it possible for tenants and landlords to be more interactive with spaces.

Apps and software are available to provide real-time public transportation tracking for commercial real estate tenants, smart building access, and simple communication lines to property managers. All in all, new advancements improve the experience of the tenant. In the future, apps on our phones and more voice-activated products will control the perceptions of property technology, making life more comfortable.

There are incredibly popular co-working spaces. There is no denying that millennials and freelancers everywhere favor co-working spaces. So now the office is becoming smarter than it has ever been. Flexible properties provide greater efficiencies for businesses and minimize resource waste. Moreover, people want to interact with these spaces.

The immense popularity of self-driving cars, high-tech car features, and driving services such as Uber and Lyft disrupt everyday traffic for the better. Now, in our day, how we get to and from various physical spaces is evolving in a way that has not been seen, since the motor vehicle's original introduction. Since autonomous cars are arriving along with other high-tech vehicle features, building architecture will also need to be modernized. The world will continue to see incredible progress in proptech.