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Revamping the Video Production Industry with Cutting-edge Technologies

Enterprise Technology Review | Friday, March 08, 2019

For many years, many changes have occurred in the production of videos. Rapid innovations in video production technology are made each year with constant research and development. Video production technology has neem disrupted to a whole new level from developments in virtual reality and 4K video production to aerial or drone video shooting.

High technology advances in HD, 3D, 2 K, 4 K, HFR, and UHDTV are a source of entertainment that the public now enjoys. Better video resolution, frame rates, and color profundity also require additional IT infrastructure. The TV and video teams can produce, edit, finish and deliver clearer and crisper life-like contents at lower costs in technology that is transforming data centers in other sectors.

Cloud-compatible infrastructure has enabled video production teams to meet their deadlines and new projects and transform them into new winners, thanks to the ability to accelerate back-end projects and improve their final parameters. In video manufacturing companies, this reality is becoming more common, and it is very helpful for them because they now have greater collaboration and archiving capacity.

Today, all tools can provide information on 'who and how' certain data is used. This allows video production teams and their IT department to easily determine which contents, data or files can be leveled and which data are no longer required. Recall that the company in that industry has recently acquired this capacity. This enables data managers and administrators to meet their businesses' data growth needs and better manage the data relevant and no longer needed.

In the past decade, video projects have taken up more space, which means that a new method of asset management must be found effectively. Rarely, video manufacturing companies can delete their assets. Transparent data tiering capabilities now enable these firms to transform their assets into cheap and extremely safe archival storage systems from expensive production storage systems.

There are IT teams in the video production industry that handle large files and small files for the very specific purpose. In IT teams, parallel file systems must be developed to allow faster use of all such equipment. NVMe SSD’s and parallel file systems are incorporated into new solutions.

Many of the video makers often look for new technological breakthroughs and inspirational sources.  In addition to the new technology trends in video production, video makers often turn to other options including integrated video campaigns, video chapterization, slow-motion videos, 360-degree videos, hyperlapse videos, and vertical videos.

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