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Say Goodbye to Threats with these Smart Security Systems!

Enterprise Technology Review | Friday, September 13, 2019

People are buying new houses and get busy with choosing furniture, paints, and other home decor for turning the house into a beautiful home. But what about security? Check out some cool security systems for the house to protect your home and your loved ones from any danger.

FREMONT, CA: When a person buys a house, the first thing that comes on his/her priority list is the security of home. With the number of crimes increasing in today’s world, only hiring a guard for the house is not sufficient. Keeping the safety issues in mind, many individual homes and communities are resorting towards the latest technologies for home security. These technologies are designed to ensure home safety as well as safety of people residing, while also providing assistance to catch criminals red-handed for the act of breaking into homes. Millions of people are investing in home protection and safety equipment.

These products and services help in providing peace of mind to the owners who are always worried about their property and their loved ones. From basic systems such as incorrect punching of the correct code, alarm ringing or control panels that possess cryptic codes to systems like Apple HomeKit, Google Home, and Amazon Echo, advanced technologies like facial recognition, CCTVs, and more such devices are available. 

These products help in monitoring the home from whichever location the owner is at. They can get instant notifications. It is the responsibility of the house owner to make sure that each and everything in his house is safe by choosing the right type of device.

Here's a list of devices that the owners can possess for the safety of their loved ones and property.

1. Face Recognition: Face recognition is a kind of biometric technology that is evolving as a popular trend in the market in terms of the home security space. With the help of facial recognition systems, the technology has moved from sci-fi films to reality. These systems hold the potential to verify the identity of an individual and thus are being deployed in many places, especially where the need for security is very critical.

Facial recognition technology involves three steps: detection, creation of face print, and verification. The system clicks the image from an unknown individual with a camera (detection), then analyze the information, which is the face print creation, and finally matches them to the existing data in the database of known individual’s faces for verification. Several apartments and villas are making use of this technology to ensure the entry of an authorized person in the community. An individual can enter the building only if his or her match is found and is verified.

2. Closed Circuit Television (CCTV): The trend of CCTV systems is rising exponentially since people have started to rely on technology at affordable costs. The use of this technology is generally made for surveillance and security purposes. It is mostly used by banks, villas, and apartments. Unlike any other video camera, CCTV camera has a monitor and is proficient in transmitting wireless images to the monitor. On receiving the images, the monitor shows them to the videotape or digital video recorder (DVR). 

In individual villas and gated communities, this technology is used extensively to keep track of each and every person who comes in and out of the gates. It also helps in tracing or identifying the culprit in the event of any mishap by replaying the DVD tape.

3. Iris Scan: The iris scan recognition is also a kind of biometric identification which identifies and validates the identity of the visitor by using unique patterns present in the colored circle of the person’s eyes. Most of the gated communities and independent villas have started to make use of this technology to prevent any stranger from entering the gates of their homes or society.

Iris scan recognition involves two stages: enrollment and verification. The eyes of the person who is standing for the first time in front of the camera, their eyes are photographed digitally with the help of invisible infrared light and ordinary light. The infrared light brings out the unique characteristics and details which the ordinary light won’t be able to detect. After this, 240 unique characteristics of every person who's entered the building are converted into a 512 digit iris code and will be stored with the name and the other vital credentials of the person in the database. Once the enrollment is done, the person's eyes will be photographed the next time they visit, and the image of the eyes will be processed and matched with the iris code. The person will then be validated.

4. Fingerprint: Fingerprint biometrics is an electronic process of verifying an individual’s identity by validating his/her fingerprint. During this process, the person puts his/her fingerprint on the biometric device. If the fingerprint gets matched with the records stored in the database, their identity is approved, and they are given entry. In most cases, fingerprints are used to ensure the elimination of proxies/im-personification.

5. Emergency Notification devices: This technology is essential for those people who are old or disabled or choose to live at home. If there some mishap, the person will get a notification instantly and can click a button for further action. In this way, the police, ambulance, and fire can be notified on real-time bases. The person will have real-time access to assistance. Many lives can be saved in this manner, especially of older individuals. It also gives a sense of relief to the people whose kids and older parents are living in the house when they themselves are out for some work.

Some of these methods are expensive, while others are affordable. However, it is worth investing in them so that one can have peace of mind to some extent of his/her people and property being safe.