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Smart Parking Solutions Will Revolutionize the Enterprise in 2020

By Enterprise Technology Review | Friday, September 18, 2020

Making the maximum use of current technologies, such as IoT, Big Data, Machine Learning, and Cloud Technology is the secret to a successful parking solution. The smart parking industry is growing and will hit its golden age with the start-up of smart parking as well as being part of the era.

FREMONT, CA: Most businesses are innovating with smart car parking solutions after making the phones and homes "smart." The first and essential step in the right direction is creative and ideal parking solutions.  Many megacities such as Beijing, Los Angeles, Dubai, San Francisco, and New York are piloting new, trendy parking solutions. These smart parking systems work on low-power sensors and smart meters to track parking spots ' occupancy or availability.

What is Smart Parking Solution?

It's an IoT-based device that provides a signal about which parking slot is open and occupied. The IoT devices that are fixed on each parking slot from where a signal is sent to a nearby receiver, that provides a continuous live update on the availability of all slots. The data collected will be used to relay parking information to a driver's parking guidance system and mobile app.

In addition to the location of the parking space,  the drivers will receive information like the size of the parking space and even information about nearby public transport. So, the days of roaming around the blocks are gone in search of a parking slot, opening the app, and finding empty parking spaces easily.

Future Of Smart Parking Systems

Personalization is the future of all technology, and the same applies to smart parking systems. Many metropolitan and smart cities have started to find out how to tailor their parking solutions to the actual individual needs of the infrastructure and people of each city according to specific requirements.

 Benefit From Smart Car Parking Solutions

In addition to the city's general public, who will have access to these facilities, many stakeholders will benefit from integrating these innovative parking ideas like entities such as corporate builders, private owners of plots, start-up investors, private companies, government buildings, mall owners, and owners of convention centers.

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