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Synspective Unveils its SAR-based Land Displacement Monitoring Service

Enterprise Technology Review | Monday, September 14, 2020

Synspective releases Land Displacement Monitoring service to allow ground movement monitoring in millimetres.

FREMONT, CA: Synspective, a Japanese company offering satellite data and derived solutions, using small-sized SAR (Synthetic Aperture Radar) satellites, releases its first "Land Displacement Monitoring" service which allows ground movement monitoring in millimetres, obtained through image analysis of SAR  satellites data. The Synspective Land Displacement Monitoring service starts from InSAR*2 analysis that is potent of identifying timely vertical land displacement, in millimetres, over a wide area. This service allows for periodical observation and information about land subsidence and deformation.

It takes vast time and labor to understand the risk of land subsidence and landslides over a wide area. By using Synspective's latest service, cost and time is reduced, when compared to the conventional observation and control techniques in relation to these ground change risks. This new service is multifaceted and can be applied in many land risk management projects such as construction projects, airport maintenance projects, and subway development projects, among others. Additionally, remote site surveying can be extremely relevant in disaster-struck areas where human access is limited or dangerous, or where social movement is limited due to the recent COVID-19 virus impact.

Synspective provides this solution on a subscription basis through a SaaS format. Users can access the platform without installing the software and are able to check the analysis results on the web. User-friendly UI/UX allows users to intuitively understand the analysis results without any prior information on satellite data. Capability and functionality of this latest service were tested through preliminary utilization projects with several organizations. Through the insights learned from this PoC project, further utilization models are developed. This project also offered Synspective with feedback for improvements to the service, which has been incorporated in the current release.