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The Advantages of Using Drones for Livestock Farming

By Enterprise Technology Review | Friday, September 13, 2019

For the experienced farmers, using drones can be a bit intimidating. However, it can be quite advantageous for the operation of the cattle farm. Drones with high-tech surveillance are the perfect way to manage cattle farming, and can save lives, money, and time.

FREMONT, CA: The usage of drones for monitoring livestock is gaining its momentum slowly and steadily in various countries. The farms where drones are used to keep a watch on the herd need less workforce and can easily keep track of their animals. Farmers have also understood the fact that this technology will help them to save time, effort, and money.

The agriculturists have learned that these machines can be useful for mapping their land, enhancing the on-site security, and also for monitoring transportation. A farmer can easily track their animals in better ways if they have a good drone and a skilled pilot. Moreover, improved cattle surveillance can impact the health of the heard, the efficiency of the farm, and the long-term costs.

When a farmer wants a more simplistic way to supervise the location of the animals, they can use aerial drone surveillance. There are many benefits that a farmer can enjoy if they use an aerial drone.

1. Locating the Current Location of the Herd

A drone will instantly indicate the new status of the herd and where to find them.  The cattle can be miles away from their last location, but the drone will signal the livestock producer their present location and whether the entire herd followed or not.

2. Drones and Animals at Risks

For the regular updates on the locations and the number of packs, tracking software is essential. However, proper cattle management also means caring for individual cattle along with the herd. Animals can get injured while they are out on the hillside or may contract the illness by coming in contact with sick animals or parasites.

The livestock producer can bring vets to administer them, but some of them will continue to roam while fighting their condition. The drone-based cattle surveillance will allow the users to get exact locations of the animals and check their progress. Cattle herders can easily take action if they see an injured animal, struggling or trapped somewhere.

There are many other potential benefits of drones in cattle surveillance and farming. Most of the farmers will be interested in the economic benefit of this approach, but there are also other long-term advantages as spotting of predators, looking for animals at risk, looking after pregnant animals and many more. A farmer can keep the herd in better condition with the drone to watch them.