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Field Management Services (Fsm)

The Impact of Physical Security on Cybercrimes

Enterprise Technology Review | Friday, June 07, 2019

FREMONT, CA: Physical security measures against cybercriminals are vital. Not always do cybercriminals function only from behind their computers. Cybercriminals are not dependent exclusively on computer software and online hacking. They can initiate attacks on your IT systems through physical intrusions as well.

Cybercriminals intend to gain access to private information and resources which can be done either online or by physical entry. Hacker mostly tries to enter organization premises, conduct surveillance, and target individuals who they feel might be of help in conducting the cyber attack. Hence, it is crucial for companies to bolster physical security and surveillance to thwart critical vulnerabilities or risks.

A cybercriminal can directly walk into the premises of a company and access the IT infrastructure as well as confidential files. This is much easier than staging an online heist and hence has more probability of occurrence. To carry out physical attacks, hackers have to conduct detailed surveillance so that they know exactly where to go and what to do. Companies must prevent this by making monitoring difficult. Securing entry into the premises will be a significant barrier to intruders.

Conducting fulltime surveillance through robust surveillance systems covering the whole of the premises is vital. The monitoring ensures that no cybercriminal can walk in and carry out attacks without being caught. Simple trick hackers use is that they place USB drives with notes which, when inserted into systems make the system accessible by infecting it. Securing each network in an organization with passwords strengthens the security situation substantially. Employees should also be given keys to access the premises, which would make entry exclusive and controlled.

Modern video surveillance tools are sophisticated systems that make security achievable. With the help of advanced technologies, security service providers enable high levels of protection and automated detection of risks that can go a long way in safeguarding organizations from potential physical attacks. Companies realize that physical security is a priority and plan a comprehensive approach to ensure minimized risks.

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