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Enterprise Technology Review | Monday, June 17, 2019

Since its invention, laser technology has traveled a long way from being a simple pointer in the presentation to reading digital drives and discs.

FREMONT, CA: As the technology insurgency continues to ascend the developmental plateau, laser technology is the upcoming name to reshape traditional treads completely. Since its invention, laser technology has traveled a long way from being a simple pointer in the presentation to reading digital drives and discs. Here are the few industries witnessing the advancements in laser technology:

Fashion and Textile Industry

Achievements of laser technology have crossed many industries, and one such sector to gain from the application is the fashion industry. As the fashion industry has shifted from small scale to large scale production, tailors and textile manufacturers were in constant search for an efficient and cost-effective cloth production process. Incorporation of laser technology has modernized the traditional techniques. Laser-powered incision systems have been introduced into the assembly lines for cutting bulk materials like acrylic plastic and metals. Beautiful cuts and perfect carvings made by high powered laser improve the quality and decrease the micro-adjustments to a minimum scale. However, the heat produced during laser incision is unbearable to the thin fabrics and low-density materials. Quality of material, as well as the end product, gets lowered by the damaged fabrics from burning. Hence, laser technology is yet to evolve to suit the requirements of the textile atmosphere.

Agriculture Industry

Primitive practices in animal husbandry and poultry involved unnecessary slaughtering of chickens due to the undesired genders. The inclusion of laser technology has proved to eliminate the radical devouring of male chickens. Using magnetic resonance tomography, animal husbandry experts and scientist are now able to manipulate non-invasive techniques to determine the gender of chicken in its embryonic stage. The laser technology simultaneous helps the farmers in deciding which eggs to sell and which to preserve for future uses. 

Automotive Industry

The automobile manufacturing industry has witnessed tremendous structural and functional changes. Auto manufacturers were in urgent need for a better substitute, which not only meets the previous demands but also adds an elevated level of development. From halogens and LEDs to laser embedded headlights the vehicles now possesses technology which not only improves the quality but also equips next-generation vehicles with an advanced undisturbed lighting solution. Effect of laser has reached every possible industry, but the future will tell the extent of its impact.