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Top 3 AV Tech Solutions Every CIO must Deploy

Enterprise Technology Review | Monday, July 13, 2020

Audiovisual technology helps CIOs bring in next-generation workplace solutions, which improve the quality of operations and boost productivity.  

FREMONT, CA: In order to actively thrive in the rapidly changing market, the tech-savvy CIOs understand the necessity to up-grade their organizations’ existing operational ecosystem. To boost the creative approach of the organizations' different departments, CIOs are consistently looking for the latest innovations, and this is where audiovisual (AV) technology has a vital role to play. AV technology proves to increase organizations’ efficiency while improving the quality of work and output. The unique benefits of this technology, offer flexible designing and presentation solutions and accelerate business growth and popularity across the market.            

1. High-Tech Meeting Rooms

CIOs can identify the benefits of AV-integrated meeting rooms for their organizations, as the AV technology can ease the communication between every participating members in the meeting, regardless of their seating positions or locations. The changing systems and needs of the workplaces encourage CIOs to adopt AV technology solutions to ensure a better experience in conference and professional meeting rooms, enabling the professionals to collaborate with their clients, customers, and colleagues. AV-integrated professional offices make it possible to combine crisp, clear images and sounds with reliable hosting systems. Innovative and discreet audiovisual solutions in the meeting room allow the professionals to host meetings seamlessly through hassle-free and user-friendly interfaces.          

2. Speed Up Clients’ Feedback

Seamless digital interactions with the clients boost the transparency in projects' progress and speed up the projects’ feedback processes. AV-integrated work-systems allow project designers to present their outcomes to clients in better ways and instantly take feedback for further changes or development processes. CIOs constantly search for technologies that can deliver benefits to their organizations; hence, they tend to invest in such innovations. Interactive whiteboards and tools with the latest designing interfaces allow designers to contact their clients and effectively communicate about the necessary project designs and requirements. While efficiently optimizing the teams' work, AV technology enables smooth collaborations even in long-distance meetings. 

3. Real-time Digital Workflow

Real-time audio-visual communications facilities allow the professionals to live stream their processes and work activities to other departments or authorized experts, which majorly reduces the chances of errors and increase process efficiency. The evolving work-environments require versatile and integrated solutions with multiple devices, systems, and teams. The new age AV solutions aim to offer real-time information and data through various data sources, which can effectively boost the professionals' efficiency. CIOs consider the accuracy of the shared data as an essential part of organizational growth, which motivates them to invest in professional AV solutions for their organizations. Implementing AV solutions across the organizations can help employees access real-time data at the right moment and make data-driven strategic decisions instantly.   

CIOs realize that the adoption of audio-visual technology for their organizations holds the potentials to unite distributed teams, empower remote workers, offer visualizations options and outcomes, synchronize workspaces and workflows, enable collaboration, and help different teams and departments to connect quickly and easily. AV technology contributes to bringing standard, simple, scalable, and serviceable workspace solutions that allow the teams to collaborate and share information in real-time. With advanced AV technology, CIOs’ innovative approach to maximizing their organizations’ growth leads them to the edge of the future market.  

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