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Top 3 Benefits of Cloud-Hosted Maintenance Management

By Enterprise Technology Review | Thursday, April 02, 2020

The reliability and lower cost of ownership of cloud-hosted maintenance can give businesses the competitive advantage they need to take their maintenance management to the next level. 

FREMONT, CA: With competitive marketplace pressures increasing, business leaders are striving to find better ways to control business costs. As a result, long-neglected maintenance management is becoming recognized as a potentially productive, profitable field. Today's businesses are focused on cutting costs and improving the efficiency of maintenance departments, meaning that the importance of maintenance management is realized now more than ever. Cloud-based maintenance management is drastically evolving, making maintenance management easier and more streamlined. Here are some additional benefits cloud-based maintenance can offer.

• Faster Set Up and Zero IT Costs

With cloud-based maintenance management software, businesses can be up and running in minutes. Once it is installed, firms can get instant access to cloud-based maintenance management software. No time is wasted waiting for a compact disc to arrive, configuring hardware, and installing the software. As the maintenance software is hosted on the vendor’s servers, there are no costs relating to server hardware and maintenance, operating system licensing network configuration, or IT support. Businesses can just make use of their existing IT infrastructure and get started with cloud-based maintenance management. 

• Access from Anywhere through Any Device

Cloud-based maintenance management software can be accessed from any connection anywhere in the world. There is no need to configure firewalls and grant access to certain internet protocol addresses when users are at home or any other place. Maintenance technicians who need instant access to cloud-based maintenance management can get it through their mobile devices. Most cloud-based maintenance mobile apps can be accessed on any mobile device, so no expensive handheld hardware is required.

• Managed Database

With on-premise software, firms must back up their database to another server at regular intervals or risk losing all the important maintenance data if the hard drive fails. But in cloud-hosted maintenance, managed backups are included in the subscription price. Cloud-based maintenance software providers store the data on redundant servers in multiple locations, protecting firms from hardware failures and even natural disasters. Many providers promise more than 99 percent uptime. 

The cloud-hosted maintenance may seem something that firms never thought they would use, but these are just a few of the many advantages that it has to offer.