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Top 3 CIO Considerations Driving Cyber Security Network Benefits

Enterprise Technology Review | Thursday, August 29, 2019

Fueling the cybersecurity platform, smart innovations are set to build protection networks around the organizations.     

FREMONT, CA: Cyber environment and platforms of the organizations demand the different products to co-exist, communicate, and share threat intelligence across the system. The next-generation security platform has become a part of every organization more than a necessary asset. The smart approach of security automation minimizes the risk and possibilities of human error. Today, modern security vendors are adopting automation to save both the workforce and expenses for different threat solutions. In recent years, the cloud-computing, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and automation experience rapid adoption from various industrial sectors, especially for industrial security departments. The innovation highly depends on the organization's critical data and multiple possible attempts to breach for financial, competitive, or political gain. With the options and combinations of numerous technology-influenced solutions, industries, and sectors of the current market fulfill their security demands and cover the best solution-based strategies for future challenges.

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·  Artificial Intelligence

Currently, many companies have moved towards AI for solution execution. As the combined advantages of analytics and machine learning for security automation leverage alert, monitoring, and prioritizes tasks to the next levels. The facilities of machine leaning can easily detect unusual behavior in the network. Artificial intelligence integrated with Internet of Things (IoT) acts as the data channels from multiple sources, which helps to safeguard the web with the predictive capability and actionable suggestions. The balanced and operational application divided between the security control and machine automation exercise an effective cyber defense system. The combined power of AI technology trains data artifacts from both structured and unstructured sources to identify cybersecurity threats and cyber risk. It collects insights and uses reasoning to identify malicious files and respond against it instantly.

The elimination of time-consuming research tasks by the technology provide risks analysis and reduce the time security analysts. The data-driven analytics and information of the AI assure error-free cybersecurity services. Organizations collaborating with right security intelligence can leverage the fullest of defenders protection against the series of attacks.

· Automation

An automation process in cybersecurity offers capabilities to make better decisions. The quick resolutions in case of any cyber threat bring effective security system across the network. It also offers predictive analysis, diagnosis, and recommendations. The innovative technology streamlines the defensive feature to protect sensitive data and user information as well. It automatically correlates the data to scale the threat volume and allow data sequencing quickly, more effectively, and more accurately. The combined approach with dynamic threat analysis accurately detects a deeply hidden threat.

Automation for distributed protection network can restrict the well-coordinated cyber attacks. The measures are capable of predicting unknown and faster-moving attacks more accurately and strengthened the security network. Automation advantages in cybersecurity can be availed through different tools and platforms. It starts with collecting insights and analyzing the information system. It keeps track of all software and hardware assets of the organization and updates all the identified physical and virtual patches. From unknown threats to automated attacks, automation in cybersecurity platforms allows a faster prevention solution.

·  Cloud-based Platform

The shift to cloud-based security platform is globally experienced in massive scale. A high-tech protection network is high in demand against the growing business challenges in recent years. Cloud offerings to secure data encryption walls facilitates file integrity monitoring, intrusion detection, two-factor authentication, and many more. Cloud security network improves the control and tracking of attacks compared to non-cloud security solution and provides real-time firewall updates. It blocks unsafe traffic while 24/7 live monitoring and security of websites through encryption and tech support. The technical implementation also enhances the website sped performance through CDN.

The latest cloud security innovations provides services across multiple industries to facilitate data loss prevention, cloud computing, cloud encryption gateway, and highly secured network. It offers an end-to-end solution like the cloud infrastructure security, endpoint security, web app security, and ensures the team to sync with one another efficiently. The service reliability and security is offered by the combination of private and public clouds for all-round threat protection, vulnerability management, monitoring, file integrity, and various utilities. The cloud security providers initiate an email, SaaS protection against the attacks through an email attachment. The cloud email security solution safeguards sensitive and vital business data to all sizes of brands and organization. The dynamic and static platform boosts the organizational value with added protection measures.

Presently, cybersecurity solutions are designed to automate the specific organization process and offer services to explore excellent opportunities in the market. Various marketing strategies to expand the organization market share boost the development of competitive offerings with highly secured work network. The global market avails solutions centered on price, quality, brand, product differentiation, and product portfolio, whereas comprehensive cybersecurity solutions and services base on the type, application, and geographical segments. Customer-centric enterprises understand the importance of the controlled and highly secured network. Artificial intelligence and automation driven security network have actively contributed to restricting the sophisticated and malicious attacks in the organization network. There are various cybersecurity solutions available in the market for the professional and CIOs to explore.  

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